Babington2HorsesKevin Babington, founder of Babington Mills, is an athlete and an animal lover. He especially loves horses and he competes at the very top of the world stage in Show Jumping. An Olympic veteran, a world Championship Gold medalist and a team member of over 30 Nations Cup teams for his native Ireland, Kevin’s lifetime dedication to horses and other animals lies at the heart of Babington Mill’s products.

At Babington Mills, we understand animals and the people who love them. The BedEdge™  product was developed in honor of Kevin’s Olympic horse Carling King who developed Pleurisy shipping over-seas. “King’s” breathing was compromised later in his career and Kevin was forever looking for low dust hay sources and bedding sources to protect his partner. The dust extraction process of BedEdge makes this product a great choice for animals with respiratory issues in housing and also during travel.

Kevin Babington is also an avid health buff and a Pescatarian. His belief in what you eat matters to an athlete extends to his animals. In founding Babington Mills feeds, Kevin wanted to best satisfy the nutritional needs of his own performance horses and retirees, and then developed a range of feeds that covered the needs of others as well. Kevin and his team, which includes the support of ALLTECH products and research, have worked diligently in formulating and developing feed rations for the very best sport horses in the world down to fat ponies who have become family fixtures.

It is a fact that horses were not designed to eat feeds that are high in starch and sugars. The resulting feeds of Kevin’s mission have been designed without compromise. Using only ingredients that are beneficial to the horse, the Babington Mills range is based on chopped fiber that the horse was designed to eat, which is then fortified with vitamins, minerals, energy sources and fully balanced to ensure that optimal nutrition is supplied.