A revolutionary product we manufacture on specialized equipment in our own mill, that chops the straw, extracts the dust and creates a dust free, odor free, highly absorbent bedding, which is easy and economical to use. With higher absorbency than wood shavings or wood pellets, it offers a soft, allergy free environment for your horse”, sheep, goats or other stabled animals. BedEdge™ is an all-natural product containing no harmful oils, chemicals or dyes. It’s pure, clean, wheat straw of the highest quality that is also softened during the processing to make a suitable soft and absorbent bed for your horse and stabled farm animals and pets.

BedEdge™ offers horse owners in particular a truly traditional method of bedding, maintaining the cozy and bright appearance of straw, but through our technological advances, this straw cleans out like shavings but is cleaner and more absorbent. BedEdge is dust free unlike shavings and sawdust resulting in better air quality for the animals that live in it and people who work with it.

Further, BedEdge™ is an amazing compost and is frequently used to grow Oyster mushrooms due to the clean quality of the straw. This versatile product is not only the best product for comfort and absorption for stabled animals it is a clean and easy bed for chicken’s nesting boxes.

If you have small pocket pets please visit our sister product at  www.ComfyCritterBedding.com. This is a more refined and double processed version of our BedEdge™ product and is more suitable for soft, sensitive cavy feet and little critters such as ferrets, guinea pigs, rabbits, bird cages and even snakes since it’s non-abrasive.

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The Benefits

  • Offers a cozy, comfortable bed for your horse
  • Higher absorbency than wood-shavings
  • All natural ingredients
  • Creates a hygienic, virtually dust free, non-toxic environment.
  • Is easy to muck out
  • Is cost effective
  • Biodegrades within two to three months and can be safely used as compost

How to use BedEdge™

We would suggest that you use 5 – 6 bales for the initial set up of a 12ft x 12ft stall. Bededge™ works best when all the dirty bedding is removed daily, with a further 1 – 1.5 bales added to top up per week.



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