What Do Our Clients Say?


“Omega H is my favorite feed from Babington Mills. My horses are round but not fat. They have long lasting energy and they don’t get crazy hot. I haven’t had a single horse refuse this feed and the price is right so Omega H gets 5 stars from me!”

Catherine Haddad Staller

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“I have used Babington Mills feed for several years and I love it. My hunters are round and quiet but not fat. My jumpers are strong but not hot or lit up. I can’t say enough about how much I like this product. Further, I had an independent source analyze the feed and they too gave it thumbs up for nutritional soundness and quality.

Even Ziggy our zebra loves Babington Mills feed. !” 

BJ Ehrhardt

Grand Prix rider and Trainer
Foxhedge Farm, Goshen, NY

“Our lambs loving their BedEdge!!
It’s a wonderful product for our sheep and horses.  It’s dust free, incredibly absorbent and easy to work with for small and large sized manure.”

Heather Irons

Blue Bell, PA

“I switched to Babington feed about a year ago. Now we get tons of compliments on how healthy our horses look. We use Omega-H for both our retired and show horses and they all love it!”

“All of our animals couldn’t be happier living in Bed-Edge.Stall cleaning is a breeze! Its absorbency is amazing and it keeps urine odor down.”

Meggin Patterson

Malvern, PA – Photo by Kristen Grey